Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Relationships are at the 2nd time better?

Do you remember your first love? There is the funniest, but also saddest stories of the first relationship, or even just the first relationship with a new person. These include clumsiness or misunderstanding, and also to make mistakes without meaning to. Knowing someone is not good enough, you often do not have the limits where and what will keep the partner of some remarks. Due to this lack of knowledge, there are often divisions and there begs the question: Are relationships with ex-partners after separation might be better than before? I would say yes, if one ignores the fact that the butterflies in my stomach, of course there are not as strong as the first time falling in love.

The first relationship was an opportunity to know each other better. That both partners should have from the beginning in mind and be prepared to do the same, to be open and forgiving. This includes a long, quiet debate. One must discuss especially what one has not then fit just so. Note: The smaller things are important! Small errors can be solved more easily. That is, if both are willing to work on themselves. Require no changes. If one is completely refuses to change, then make the new beginning to be better.

For this purpose, you must also be able to be able to say no and live alone. A forced marriage is not put the lives of existence that one is desirable. If the partner is however in all of the above ready to restart, they should at the 2nd Start to be better than before.